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                              “Do it your Way”  

Just like in love, different taste in decor is what makes the design world go round.   From the most “simple, understated, yet elegant” look that allows the lines to create a lasting impression, the next logical design direction is to add some color, texture and a moderate amount of flowing lines to the design.


The Calla Lilies add life and movement, yet the essential elements–color, texture and design–of the panel are still calming.  Everything in this kitchen stands in unison.  The countertops, floors, cabinets etc. are partners that support each other, each getting its appropriate appreciation in turn. 



When the Star of the Show has been installed, the panel is truly the focal point of the room.  Perhaps a backyard bouquet of hand-picked peonies were the first flowers he ever gave you.  The sentimentality is important to you both.  Go for it!

Like Frank always said:  “I did it my way”.