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The gardening catalogs are blooming, but unfortunately there is nowhere to plant them except the recycling bin.  Several weeks ago when the blue morning glory seeds were ordered from a catalog, a rush to beat the mailman allowed an important editing feature to be overlooked. 

Forgetting to opt out of additional mailing lists means the original catalog company rented, sold, traded or just plain gave my name and address to the producers of who knows how many other mailing lists.  The third unsolicited gardening catalog in less than 10 days was delivered to my mailbox today.  That will “learn me, durn me” to forget to look at the fine print in the privacy policy.

An environmental organization in California has launched a website www.catalogchoice.org.  The site allows you to search for catalogs by name, asking to be cancelled from the ones you no longer want to receive.  There is also a “Suggest a Catalog” link at the bottom of the page if the one you are looking for is not already on the list.    

Time to start weeding….