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Obama vs Clinton vs Michigan/Florida.  Society, government, organizations, families.  All, well most, live by tried and true rules that have been the cement that keeps the civil in civilization. 

The two states involved broke the rules.  I understand.  I get it.  Fine them or take away any seniority in the state’s party hierarchy (even if they had nothing to do with the decision to move the primary).  In my mind though, there is a bigger issue.  Do something other than dis-enfranchise the voters.  

I have yet to hear any commentator mention that by not counting the delegates from Michigan and Ohio, all the hundreds of thousands of people who got up early or voted at the end of a long day or waited in line while their child waited to be picked up from play practice or–you get the idea.  Lectures about voting as a responsibility of citizenship are a steady drumbeat in the background.  The point is that after hearing over and over how every vote counts, how just one vote can make the difference, apparently it doesn’t.  Next time, does anyone honestly believe that there will be no effect on voter turnout?  Going to the extra effort of making it to the polls–for what?  Nothing.  Why bother in the first place? 

This has nothing to do with whose names are on the ballot.  If every vote counts, then every vote should be counted.  Michigan and Florida voters did their duty.  Power Brokers, do yours.