Blooming later than usual this season, these amarylis plants were a gift that began as 1 bulb at least 15 years ago.  Fortunately, getting them to re-bloom is very easy.  After blooming, cut back the flower stem, leaving the leaves to nourish the bulb.  Set the plant outside in a sheltered spot that gets filtered sunlight, watering moderately–not too wet or dry.  Leave outside through early fall until the temperature approaches the lower 40’s at night.  Bring indoors.  Place entire plant (with leaves) in a brown paper bag cutting off all daylight.  Next, place the closed bag in a very cold closet, garage, basement or similiar area.  Leave undisturbed for at least 6 weeks.  No peeking.

After the hibernation time has passed, freshen the soil around the plant, water and set in a bright, filtered-morning-sun window.  The leaves will reappear first, then the tip of the flower stalk starts growing at an amazing rate.  Works like a charm every time.