Innocently answering the phone this evening, I was slightly amused, but not belly laughing, when the caller responded to my “Hello” with, quote “Who is this?” using an extremely nasty and angry tone in her voice.  How dare me not be the person she thought she was calling. 

Although not the most mannerly way to talk to me, I decided to give her a pass, laughing as I responded:  “Let’s start from scratch.  Since you called me, how about if you go first?”  Her reaction was to say something very unpleasant, (a two-word phrase, one word having four letters), and emphatically hang up.  Sigh. 

A refresher course for those who have forgotten that a little courtesy greases the world in a myriad of ways.  When calling someone, it is considered pro forma to identify yourself  first, then ask for the person you want to talk to.  Secondly, if you did dial the wrong number, have a sense of humor about your own foibles.  Say “Sorry” or “Excuse the ring” or “Next time I should put on my glasses when using the phone”.  Any such response will leave both mildly bemused.  Tossing out a sucker punch instead is so low class.