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Get the word out.  Today at 8:00 pm EDT, a world wide movement is set to honor our Earth and its environment for one hour.  Called Earth Hour, the simple request is to turn off the lights for one hour.  Just the electric lights–not refrigerators or furnaces or even TV’s.  

If everyone really did it, the impact would probably be significant.  What would be even better is if afterwards, people became more conscientious about all the things that are plugged in, charging or in stand-by mode.  One small example:  Heard a report yesterday on the news that it is estimated that 50% of the world’s population has a cell phone.  A cell phone charger that is not being used to charge the battery still draws a small current–unplug it when not in use.  

Save electricity, some money and the Earth.  And by the way, you may polish your wings for being such a good citizen.