We all have the quirky exceptions to our local recycling programs.  Each municipality makes choices from the menu of options available.  Understandable.  Cost vs benefit.  My local municipality, for example, does not include plastic in our curbside pick-ups.  Clear plastic has been easy to re-cycle elsewhere, but the solid color #2 Plastic (HDPE Colored) used in laundry detergent, shampoo bottles, containers for cat litter, etc. have been an issue.  Other items that have been of concern are compact fluorescent bulbs and a few used batteries I have been saving until I find a safe disposal location.

Today, after typing www.Earth911.org in my browser, I now know where I can dispose of these items safely.  The big detergent and litter containers were really bothering me.  Now I just have to remember to put them in the car the next time I have another errand that also goes past the collection site(s).