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Full-blown (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) gardening season has arrived.   Time to dig, plant, rake, move, rejuvenate, buy more, divide (and conquer?), heave, prune, snip, trim and enjoy your garden.  Here’s a few more quick tips to make your gardening experience involve less work, less money and more pleasure.

  • Collect rain water in a covered barrel (foils mosquitoes) to water individual landscape plants.
  • Root bushes the simple way.  Pull a lower branch down to the ground.  Pin or weight down, then cover with soil near a growth joint.  Wait a few months for roots to appear.  Cut from mother plant and re-locate to a new home in similiar soil and light conditions.  Takes a little longer, but it’s also part of the fun of gardening.
  • Reserve banana peels from the compost pile.  Instead, place the peels directly on your rose bushes.  Roses love banana peels.
  • Large expanses of grass to mow is not for everone.  Each year, tear up a new section of grass, then lightly rake a meadow mix of flowers into the dirt.  Plants will re-seed year after year.
  • Have a plant sharing party.  Ask all your gardening friends to bring a few extra plants from their own yard that need to be divided and/or controlled.  Pot luck or lightly structured–your choice.  Pollyanna Pot Luck does have the eternal hope that not everyone brings a dozen yellow day lilies.
  • Offer to help an older neighbor do a little yard work in exchange for the extras that have been taken out of their over-crowded borders. 
  • Always keep your eyes open for free landscape items.  A nicely shaped rock along the side of the road can be a perfect little addition to your rock garden.  Of course, it should go without saying that it is never all right to go onto private property.