Introducing a new category, so that anyone who is not into reading negatives, knows to skim for quick content and move on to a previous post.

One of the things that really gets my knickers in a twist is children who are supposedly being home-schooled who are decidedly not being schooled.  My day job puts me in situations where school-age children congregate.  Being the Eternal Mother at Heart, I invariably ask something like: “Teacher conferences today?” or “Spring Break?”  I do that on purpose to put the ones who are playing hookey on notice that someone is noticing that they are not where they are supposed to be.  Some dim hope resides in my soul that the fact that someone said something will tweak their conscience the next time they contemplate taking the day off.  

Sometimes there are legitimate answers like we’re here from some state far away visiting my  Grandpap who’s in the hospital, or, we’re here house-hunting because my parents have a new job.  Those I can roll with.  “I’m home sick today” or “I’m home-schooled” are the two answers that blow me away every time.  I never say anything to the children or the parents when they come from some other part of the store to collect their progeny, but there is a part of me that shakes my head and wonders, “Well, if you’re home sick today, or, you’re home-schooled, why aren’t you home being sick or being schooled!***?”  PS:  The sick ones always look pretty healthy to me.  There, at least I feel better for the moment.