Turning the TV on this evening to catch a few news headlines and the weather, I caught a local reporter interviewing Presidential Candidate, Senator John McCain.  He is in town to campaign, part of which is the obligatory one-on-ones with someone from each of as many of the area’s news outlets as possible.

The second thread to this yarn is that our city is Pittsburgh, the home of the Steelers.  In this town, most people are more than a little crazed about their “Stillers.”  If a TV station wants to draw attention to the screen, all that has to be done is mention something to do with the team and an audience is guaranteed.  It just so happens that there is a big story concerning the possible/probable sale of the team running concurrently with the candidate’s visit.

To my utter disbelief, the reporter asked Senator McCain what he would do if a sale of the Pittsburgh Steelers did not bode well for the city!  Ugh!  We have serious problems facing our area and this country.  Service members have died in Iraq, our infrastructure needs upgrading, the world is facing an “Inconvenient Truth,”  and this braintrustee used his valuable opportunity to ask if the Senator would interfere in the sale.  Polite discourse is failing me.

Fortunately, the newscast this occurred on is not my regular choice.  Once again, a pointed reminder of why has unfortunately reinforced that decision.