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Weather patterns have changed.  The temps have dropped off at night to the point that the inevitable has happened–dum, da-dum, dum dum-m-m-m–it’s furnace time.  But, but, but, why’s it so cold in here?  New windows in the rest of the first floor should have helped, yet it’s colder than before.  Hm-m-m…. 

Broken glass discovered while sweeping the floor hidden by the china cabinet solves the mystery.  Evidently, ladders moved outside the window had a walnut-sized stone caught in the end.  The stone must have flipped loose, knocking a fist-sized hole in the windowpane.  Hidden by the valance style curtains, it wasn’t noticed until the broken glass set off a search. 

Fortunately, glass-cutting skills come in handy for more than making stained glass windows.  Fixing the window has now taken prededence over scrubbing the floor.  Roughly one hour later, a new pane has been cut and puttied into place.  

Regrouping:  “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!”