Yesterday, my travels took me on a 228-mile round trip journey for a special job related project.  The destination was in and through the mountains to the east–the majority of which skirted the topmost ridges.  What a view!  Riding the highest peak for at least a 25 mile stretch offered clear lines of sight that stretched north and south. 

My best guess is that the horizon was 20-25 miles away in some places.  A wind farm paralleled part of the route on the next ridge over.  In places, there were homes that were positioned to permanently capture exquisite mountain portraits in the frames of their living room windows. 

The trip home was cold, crisp and dark, offering a dramatically different canvas.  Spotlights at a 24-hour gravel/stone quarry riveted one’s eye on the fierce dust clouds swirling 100 feet above the plant.  The twinkle of the further most light made me wonder if someone else was already at the end of their journey home.  All-in-all a long day, but worth the trip.