There.  I said it.  Holding my tongue is no longer an option.  Rush Limbaugh has always been a particularly annoying part of the landscape that I have managed to edit from my life by simply turning the channel.  This time, though, I feel as if I have to speak out against his attitude and his place of prominence in our society.  The mean-spirited trash that spews from his mouth on a continuing basis panders to the lowest common denominator of ignorance and stupidity.  Rush Limbaugh is one and his audience is the other.  Take your pick.  Six of one and a half dozen of the other.

Now, one of the candidates for the RNC Chairmanship has included the hate song on a CD he sent to fellow Republicans as a way to promote his suitability to lead Republicans.  Had Limbaugh and his ilk been disciplined the first time around, this kind of  low-class behavior would not recur.  Not only because the powers that be failed to act, but also because not enough people like me raised a flag of outrage at this outrageously insulting behavior, the Barack Obama song is once again being used to reinforce the dual messages of hate and intolerance.  I couldn’t believe it when Limbaugh remained on the air after the first round.  Just in case my message has escaped you, Rush Limbaugh and his hatemongers should be removed from the public airwaves.