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One common denominator that crosses all economic, cultural, ethnic, religious and social lines?  (Drum roll, please.)  The weather!  All kinds of weather, although the temperature of the moment around here is cold paired with more unpredictable cold.  The forecast is for rain, followed by freezing rain, sleet and ice followed by a changeover to snow and dropping temperatures. 

No matter who you are, your day is affected by the choices at hand.  Sleep in?  Shovel now?  Wait ’til it’s over?  Risk life and limb going to the store?  Eat what’s in the ‘frig?  Come warmer weather it switches to different concerns, but your day is still affected by the choices at hand.  Rain tomorrow?  Cut the grass today so it’s not as long after the showers.  Sunny and dry?  Go to the pool, or paint that porch railing.   (That’s a no-brainer.) 

This has been a challenging winter season so far.  Groundhog’s Day is next week (Happy Birthday to all Groundhog’s Day Birthday Babies).  Phil needs to carefully consider how far we can all be pushed.  Six more weeks of winter would not be a welcome prediction.  But reality is summed up in the cliche of the moment:  “It is what it is.”  So, not being one to wish my life away, the lesson is to accept that weather is a force we can’t control.  Accept the challenges of the day at hand and bloom where you are planted–even if it’s with your white-knuckled-hands attached to your steering wheel or gloved hands attached to the snow shovel….