How does one express ones disappointment in a tactful, yet, “don’t mess with me way?”  Several months ago, a friendly and true gentleman, who saw me snapping a picture of his bumper sticker, gave me an extra one he had in his van.  See:

Not being someone who actually puts bumper stickers on my car, his thoughtful gesture sat on my desk in my paper in-box, waiting for the perfect home.  Fast forward to Coco’s, the booth I have opened at the local fleatique.  An “A-ha” moment struck a few weeks ago, and “Coexist” was ensconced on the bulletin board in my booth.  Fun little spot in the corner.  It was the perfect solution.

5.10.09 008

Sadly, I have to report that someone took my bumper sticker.  I waited a week, in case it turned up somewhere in the building.  Sometimes, people move things, then don’t want to be bothered taking it back to its original home.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened.  So, either someone liked the bumper sticker and took it, which goes against the sentiment, or, someone didn’t like the fact that it suggests we build bridges and tolerate all types of religion and people, which also goes against the sentiment. 

Either scenario aggravates the bejeebers out of me.