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Beginning to think I should rent the movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.”  At least it will be a different picture on the TV.  “Cloudy with a Certainity of Snow” to shovel doesn’t have quite the same ring.  Sitting at my desk this morning, looking out the bow window at the overnight accumulations, the justaposition of two “ladies in my window” pulled me away from the more tedious task of clearing assorted papers from my desk. 

Many items are sitting in unusual places due to the on-going re-do.  In the case of the angel, she has yet to be returned to her usual after holiday spot.  Without planning however, the angel and the garage sale sculpture ended up balancing each other.  The angel on high (it’s a pun) facing left.  The dancer down low (sorry, couldn’t help myself–the balance thing again) facing right and up.  Amazing how the brain subconsciously pulls things together without trying.


I digress.  Back to the task at hand.  Hope you, too, are lucky enough to be working inside looking out.