This past winter was a test for us all.  Now that it is a not-so-dim memory, reminders of the work that a record snowfall produces are everywhere. 

Today for example, brings another 3-4 hours of yard clean-up–10 1/2 hours, so far.  The huge branches that came down have been chain-sawed into a manageable size.  The brush pile for the bunnies and other little critters that live under its protection has grown considerably.  The best thing to say about it is, that just as shoveling snow burns calories, so does  spring clean-up.  Especially this year.  There will definitely be a sortie for an ice cream cone in this evening’s outing.  

The other positive thing about our cold and snowy winter has been the positive effect it has had on the trees and flowers.  Every hillside, every landscaped corner of every neighborhood is beautiful.  It’s as if an artistic wind blew through, randomly brushing bright shades of pink along the petals.  

The moral of the story is that winter produced lots of work–work that extends well into spring.  Lots of work means lots of calories burned.  Lots of snow and cold means a beautiful spring.  Winter, just like the old Timex commercial says, kept on ticking.  In an optimist’s world, it continues to produce a gift that keeps on giving.