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HGTV-itis:  brain disease characterized by the uncontrollable urge to seize a paint brush, shovel or other labor related implement as a result of watching HGTV.  

My most recent infection began with a slight chill caused by the old, leaky windows in the dining room.  In a previous owner’s life, this room had been an enclosed porch.  The three large windows made it  very bright and cheerful, but also downright cold when the winter winds blew.  

The chill advanced to slight temperature when the new windows were ordered–or maybe it was just a cold sweat at the thought of writing the check.  At any rate, the windows were installed recently, which one would think would bring about a cure.  Instead, complications set in–don’t they always?  

The new trim around the windows needed to be painted, which triggered a cascading set or symptoms.  Now the existing trim looked shabby next to the freshly painted.  The white walls that had cleverly allowed the old windows to fade into the surroundings, now made the new windows lose their pop.  One thing that did stay was the existing wall paper.  It’s been there quite awhile, but I still like it and, who knew, wallpaper is coming back in style.  Hence, a trek to the paint store with a sample of the paper for a color match of one of the blues.

If  one is going to the trouble of painting the walls, it is obvious that the ceiling will look dingy unless it also gets some attention.  Add extra primer and a can of flat white for the ceiling.  Two coats of primer and finish coats later, the ceiling and walls were ready for their close-ups Mr. DeMille.  

The floor still needs to be waxed and the old two-prong electrical outlets and funky switches are going to be switched out this week, but the fever is definintely starting to come down.  One lingering symptom is the realization that the old curtains no longer fit….  

HGTV-itis–vaccination, anyone?