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What could be in this interesting box? 

Garage Sales are famously ebb and flow.  After kissing the equivalent of 40-50 frogs, this particular day produced a handsome prince.  Always one wanting to know the back story of an object that catches my eye, I learned that this particular set had been a gift from visiting Italian relatives.   The recipients never used it and decided that now was the time to see if it could find a new home.  I volunteered–for only $10.00! 

I have enough experience with garage sales to know that the journey has to be the fun part of the morning.  Fabulous finds are far and few between.  Enjoy learning a new neighborhood and talking to people.  An hour or two of morning relaxation before starting the rest of the day’s activities.  Sometimes you even get lucky.

Research included an Italian/English translation internet site:  in the style of Paul Klee.  Gotteninghen is a German manufactureer of high-quality flatware and serving pieces.