Orchid Cactus plants are amazingly easy to grow, easy to propagate and best of all, especially easy to encourage into blooming.  For the second time, I just have to share this stunner. 

All I do is set it on the porch in a sheltered but bright spot and keep evenly moist.  Orchid cactus are like regular houseplants, not the prickly ones that grow in the desert, although more forgiving of a forgetful gardener who misses a day or two of watering than being overly wet.  Occassionally  feed with a multi-purpose plant food–then stand back.  It will reward you all summer with prolific and nearly constant blooms.  It is very easy to share with friends.  Last season, a strong storm blew the pot over, breaking several of the long “leaves.”  A few weeks set in fresh soil produced a bounty of new plants to share with admiring friends.