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Amazing how an innocent idea expands into a quest.  About a year-and-a-half ago, a turn around the first floor booths at the local flea-tique fostered a simple idea–buy a couple of the vintage articulated necklaces on display.  The original idea was to buy one of each kind, but only the ones that had moving pieces. 

Very popular in the late 60’s-early 70’s, my first three buys were an owl, a lion and a fish.  I wore them everywhere, particularly the owl,

and the lion.

 Everywhere I went, people stopped me and asked where I had gotten the cool necklaces.  The comments spurred me on.  The more I looked the more I found, and I learned there is a whole world of vintage owl necklaces out there. 

Early on, I thought I would focus just on owls, but then another type would catch my eye, so now, the criteria is “Do I like it?” and “Will I wear it?”  I now have over 20 necklaces.  Fortunately, the wall in my dressing area provides the perfect spot to display and enjoy them daily:   

The Black Ram is uncommon–a signed Luca Razza.  The butterfly is a one and only–have never seen another one even remotely comparable.  It is signed also, although even with a 10x jewelery loop, I haven’t been able to decipher the mark.                                                                                          

This sparkly owl is the most recent addition.  Found it a few weeks ago at a flea market: