More than anything else, this blog is meant to be a place to express myself, and, see if anyone finds my admittedly quirky view of the world worthy of a return visit.  In addition to my day job, spare hours in the evening and on weekends often find me working at my second job–making stained glass kitchen cabinet panels for local kitchen retailers. 


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Galen Miller said:

    C–this is your cousin Ed. I have a question for you. Would you email me please? Thanks!

  2. Yesterday I ventured out exploring your blog to some degree and happened upon your stainglass work. WOW! I am not easily impressed but your work is beautiful.

    I am a fan of architecture in general and I can see your work accenting interiors, as well as exteriors, in so many ways. I’ll certainly be looking forward to your blog updates falling into this category.

    • Alan–Thank you for the kind remarks. I especially appreciate that you took the time to look through the glass posts. Regards and have a great weekend. Coco.

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